Website Privacy and Cookie Policy

Here at Sabong HQ, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our website users. Sabong HQ is an independent platform and is not affiliated with any other gambling entity within the Philippines.

Sabong HQ will be referred to as “Company”, “We”, “Our”, or “Us”.

The users of our website will be referred to as “User”, or “You”.

Our privacy and cookie policy explains in detail about how we collect and use your information while using our website. The Sabong HQ website is dedicated to helping users within the Philippines with the latest news, guides, and information related to Sabong, Casino, Poker, and Sports Betting. If you have any concerns about this policy, feel free to get in touch with our team!

The Information We Collect

We may collect non-personal information from those users who are accessing our website. By non-personal data, we refer to information such as the user’s browser, language setting, device etc. We collect such data to improve our own website’s features and for research and analytics purposes. Such data collected, may be shared with 3rd party services if required.

We may also collect personal information such as their name, contact info, and email address from the users. These are collected when the user wishes to get in touch with our support team or if they want to subscribe to one or more of our services. Such data are kept secure unless we are obligated to share them with a legal entity.

Other data we may collect include hardware/software information and IP addresses.

Cookie Policy

We employ the use of cookies to collect, store, and use certain end-user information. Cookies help us to improve on our website features and improve the overall user experience. The type of cookies that we use on our website include session cookie, persistent cookie, performance cookies, and advertising cookies.

The cookies on our website are either placed by us or an operator authorized by us.

How the Information Collected is Used

We only use the data collected in a manner that is permitted by the law. Our handling of your personal information shall in no way infringe your fundamental rights. Additionally, certain personal information that we collect from our users shall only be shared with a third-party only after obtaining prior consent from the user. Listed below are a few ways in which we use the data collected from our website:

  1. Customize our services for the user.
  2. To effectively communicate with you and keep you updated with the latest website news and information.
  3. To improve on our website features and offering.
  4. Improve on our business strategies.

How the Data is Shared

We do not share or sell your personal data expect in a manner mentioned within this policy guideline. Additionally, the third-party websites that we share your data with, also have stringent measures in place to ensure that your data is not misused. By third-party website we refer to our gambling partners and websites such as google that help provide us with tracking and analytics data. Additionally, your information may be shared if the company goes through a merger or acquisition process.

How Long the Data is Retained

Our company values the security and privacy of our website users. As such, users can request us to change or update the information they we’ve provided us at any time. The duration of time during which we store your data is entirely dependent on the volume of data we receive and the sensitivity of the said information.


Sabong HQ operates under the betting guidelines set by PAGCOR, the gambling regulatory body in the Philippines. Users who are under the age of 21 are not permitted to use our services or share their data with us. If the information provided from the user’s side is found to be incorrect, we hold the right to discard any such information.

Get in Touch Us

To know more in detail about our privacy or cookie policy, write to us at [email protected].