How to Win in Online Sabong

sabong how to win

Online Sabong, known as cockfighting, has been a beloved sport and institution in the Philippines. Incredibly, this fighting sport has survived the test of time. Cockfighting has undergone a digital transformation makeover during the past decade.

Using online sabong or eSabong, you can place wagers from anywhere in the world. Online sabong functions similarly to conventional cockfighting. Generally speaking, each encounter consists of two roosters competing for dominance. The popular favorite is referred to as the “Ilamado,” while the underdog is referred to as the “dejado.”

How to Play Sabong Online Betting in the Philippines?

Online Sabong betting enables wagering without the necessity for physical presence. You can access the game’s website from the comfort of your favorite place. As a result, more people are substituting sabong online betting for conventional forms of leisure. It is wonderful news for gamers since they have more alternatives and better odds than ever.

If you want to play sabong, you should visit an online site that provides it, such as sabong HQ. They have a reliable betting system that ensures your money and that you bet securely and accurately regarding your earnings from playing the game. Their website contains additional information about this classic game.

Tips on How to Win in Online Sabong

The most successful sabong tip depends on luck, but other successful sabong tips are based on repetition and technique. Here are some of the most effective sabong tips.

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Recognize the Patterns and Methods

The tic-tac pattern is one of the most well-known methods for winning online sabong. It is the winning probability of each game. And the alternating twice way is one of the most popular strategies on the online sabong-winning tips and techniques list. 

It indicates that the winning corners would alternate every two triumphs, such as “meron” followed by “wala” This suggests that you should pay close attention to the previous game results, which are often shown on the side of each page. They are frequently labeled “red = meron” and “blue = wala.”

Bet the Favorite

That is a fact that anyone can grasp without genius. One corner is dubbed “llamado” for a reason, and sabong generally advises against taking chances before betting on the favorite gamecock.

Instead of beginning on an impulsive betting spree that could prove destructive in the long run, choosing the safest option is strongly recommended first.

Keep an eye out for well-liked suggestions

One of the most well-known and useful sabong-winning strategies is keeping an eye on the most popular entries. Even if this notable entry resulted in defeats, the win-loss ratio remains at 10:3. It is still an excellent method for maximizing profits, as the win ratio is astounding.

Unplanned Betting

In the end, winning is determined by chance, fate, and your instincts. Impulsive wagering is one of the most effective tactics. The vast majority of saboteurs emphasize that a quick shift in fashion is successful. If you have been following a betting pattern, make an abrupt change. It should be performed only once or twice.

Observe the Gamecocks’ behavior closely

Watching the behavior of the gamecock before the game is one of the best and most well-known online sabong winning strategies. Bets are frequently placed on the rooster that appears to be battling the hardest and has the greatest chance of winning. That is a fairly common approach for winning online sports wagers.

Pay attention to the announcement about rooster statistics

Like with traditional cockfighting, there are announcers in online sabong. They generally discuss the battle, which enhances the excitement. Before the competition begins, the broadcasters provide details on the participating waterfowl. Included are their current weight, victories, losses, and draws. Bet on the horse that has performed successfully in the past.

Increase your bet gradually

When they initially begin playing, most players make the error of placing large wagers. If you choose to wager, you must determine how much you should wager and then gradually increase it. When you improve at the game, you will become accustomed to wagering on it. The more you wager on actual sites, the more you learn about the game and how to place better wagers.


Fundamental Guidelines in Online Saboong

Learning fundamental guidelines in sabong online is easy if you already understand how to play the game traditionally. Two gamecocks (roosters) are enclosed in a cockpit, and bets are placed on the gamecock that the crowd believes will win. 

The only significant difference between the traditional and online versions is that the betting system may vary. Those who don’t know about it might be surprised and are just beginning to learn how to play online sabong, and it is essential to remember that the betting systems must be regulated, which is why they are distinct.

Is Online Sabong in the Philippines Legitimate?

Under some conditions, possessing live sabong on authorized cockpits is permissible. Local Government Units maintain vigilance over the traditional sabong (LGU). The Cockfighting Law of 1974 states that cockfighting is only allowed in licensed cockpits on Sundays, legal holidays, and for no more than three days during local fiestas.

However, it is essential to note that this remark includes something other than sabong or derby on online platforms. Hence, there was a time when it was unclear how online sabong fits under Filipino law. In December 2020, the House of Representatives passed House Bill 8065 on the second reading. This bill states, “Off-site wagering on locally licensed cockfights and derbies will be taxed.”

If you visit the PAGCOR website, you will notice that eSabong already has a section. It also provides access to a regulatory framework that explains how licenses for online saboteurs are processed and distributed.


Slow but certain works like a charm when playing online sabong. If you make a huge initial gamble, you can still win substantially. Yet, the long game would include moving slowly and increasing the stakes. Always remember to play a variety of fun and to bet responsibly.