Sabong has been a beloved pastime of many for centuries and the evolution of technology has only made it more accessible to people. Thanks to the internet, popularity of online sabong has seen a huge surge in recent times. For novice bettors, navigating the betting world can be challenging due to the specific jargon and terminology used. It may feel overwhelming at first, but with time and experience, you will gain a better understanding of these terms. If you’re into betting, then it’s essential to know the important betting terms. In this blog post, we will look at some of them to help you understand better and make your bets more successful.

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As mentioned, it is important for a punter to have a clear idea about the various terms used during a Sabong event. Listed above we’ve tried to cover all these terms and thereby give you an insider’s edge:

Organizational Terms – Sabong Betting

  • FEDERATION: National federation of game fowl breeders, Inc (NFGB). It is the federation of all legitimate local game fowl breeders associations in the Philippines.
  • ASSOCIATION: All the associations are members of federation, unless mentioned differently NFGB should consist of all association.
  • DERBY COMMITTEE: A temporary or permanent committee having either 1 or 3 members. They are appointed by Federation to settle all disputes and ensure that the sabong derby is conduced as per the rules.
  • PROMOTER: A person licensed by Government of Philippines who conduct cockfight.
  • RIGHT OF REFUSAL: The federation has all authority to decide whether to permit any participation in Sabong derbies with the Philippines.
  • PIT MANAGER: The person who controls and manages the fight.
  • REFEREE: Locally known as SENTECIADOR, the referee has the final call on that happens during a Sabong fight. He/she oversees the fights, enforces the rules, and picks the eventual winner.
  • HANDLER: Also termed as “SOLTADOR”, handler is the person who handles and releases the rooster during the fight.
  • HEELER: Also termed as “MANANARI”, this is a term used for a person who attached the knife to the rooster’s feet.

Cockfighting Terms – Sabong Betting

  • COCK: An aggressive male chicken that is 4-6 months of age completed annual molt, breaded to fight especially for Sabong derbies.
  • STAG: A fowl that is less than 12 months old.
  • BULLSTAG: A fowl that is more than 12 months old.
  • BAD SHAPE: Imperfections or abnormalities in a cock can help it gain an edge over its opponent and intimidate it. These features are likely to influence the fight, making the bird appear more powerful or intimidating than it is.
  • DEFAULT: If an entry does not present his bird for leg banding, weighing, heeling, or pitting within the period specified, it will be deemed as a failure.

Pre-Game Sabong Betting Terms

  • SOLTADA: A translation for “Cockfight”, this is a term which is used to mention a fight between two gamecocks, both of which are fitted with a knife.
  • DERBY: Referred to as “pintakasi”, this is a cockfighting event (also sometimes known as party sabong) where bettors decide on and engage in a certain number of sabong fights. The fights are set based on factors such as weight of the cock and the cock symmetry. The overall winning pot is usually shared with the handlers of all the winning cocks.
  • KNIFE: Also termed as Tari, this is the steel blade that is fitted to the rooster’s feet.
  • RECORDED WEIGHT: The rooster’s weight which is entered into the database for an event or competition should be recorded in the relevant records.
  • ACTUAL WEIGHT: The rooster’s weight recorded when it is first brought in for heeling or reheeling, whichever the case may be.
  • BAD WEIGHT: Used to mention a situation where the gamecock is either overweight or underweight.
  • LEG BAND: A numbered band is commonly used to identify a fighting cock, which is usually removed upon entering the pit or Rueda. This allows for easy identification during the match.
  • MATCHING: A selection method wherein roosters of similar size and weight are selected to fight each other.
  • DOUBLE FIGHTS: Used to refer to a situation where two fights are occurring simultaneously. Such an event is an exciting and compelling way to watch the event.

In-Game Sabong Betting Terms

  • ENTRY: When entering a sabong derby, all parties involved must provide a name, that will be used to address them during the duration of the event.
  • ENTRY FEE: All Sabong derby participants are required to pay an entry fee, money which’ll be added to the overall winner’s pot. This ensures that everyone is on an equal footing.
  • POT / POT MONEY: The aggregate of the entry fees.
  • CENTER BET / PARADA: Placing a bet through the pit manager is a popular means of sabong betting.
  • LLAMADO: The cock that is seen as the favorite.
  • DEJADO: The underdog for the fight.
  • MERON: The arena side that houses the favorite for the fight.
  • WALA: The arena side that houses the underdog for the fight.
  • PAGO: A bet made to match the total wager on the Ilamado side. This is done to ensure that both sides of the bet are of equal value.
  • COCKPIT / SABUNGAN / GALLERA: Also termed as Sabungan and Gallera, this is used to mention the arena in which the cockfighting is held. It’s usually a fully fenced arena and has one or two gates for the handlers and cocks to enter & exit.
  • CARREO / CONFRONTATION: Used to refer to the process of bringing the two roosters in proximity (beak to beak) to evaluate whether they should continue fighting or come to a decision. This is done as soon as either one or both stops fighting.
  • BREAK: A disruption of the cockfight due to pecking between the roosters.

Miscellaneous Sabong Betting Terms

  • SUBSTITION: In certain situations, it is possible to substitute an existing matching cock with a new one.
  • SUBSTITUTE COCK: In substitution cases, the cock was replaced.
  • POINT: In cockfighting, a win gives you one point, a draw earns you half a point, and losing doesn’t give you any points.
  • NO-BEARING FIGHT: A programmed fight that would take place in a derby without any effect on the overall results or special prizes awarded is something which, if allowed to continue, would be pointless.
  • JOKER: The pit manager provides a cock for fighting to fill in any gaps after the matching process fails to find an opponent for it if the weight constraints are met.
  • 2 HOURS / 16 FIGHTS REGULATIONS: The permitted amount of time or number of rounds for a rescheduled fight to resume has been set.
  • COUNT DOWN: By reverse counting time units, the fight can be timed to make sure it doesn’t exceed the 10-minute limit. This process is used to ensure that both sides adhere to the predetermined limit.